Our hot tips for selecting the right tap ware for your bathroom vanity

Selecting the right tapware for your bathroom may seem like a daunting task, so let us help to make the process a little easier with our hot tips.

Embarking on a bathroom renovation or new build is a big undertaking. From engaging the right tradies, to setting a budget, designing a floor plan and selecting the fixtures.

We’re hoping that by you reading this, we will have helped to make one part of this process a little easier – pairing the right basin tapware with your new vanity.

So, what could we possibly know about tapware I hear you ask? For the past four years we’ve been designing and building custom timber bathroom vanities on a daily basis. In fact, we build so many that we’ve just launched our very own range.

When working with clients, we are often asked for advice on tapware, whether it be the style or colour to pair with their vanity or where to source it from.

At RAW Sunshine Coast, we are fortunate enough to have our own in-house team of interior stylists and furniture makers who can provide advice on design. And on top of that, we also know where the best places are to source your tapware.

These days we’re surrounded by amazing renovation projects by Aussie creatives such as Three Birds Renovations and Kyal and Kara, so it’s no surprise that people are wanting to recreate these looks. But there are a few important things to consider before you race out and buy that brand new brushed gold basin mixer you saw on the latest YouTube episode. When it comes to selecting tapware, not only does it have to look good, to it also has to suit the style of your bathroom, fit your vanity and serve its basic function.


Before having your bathroom vanity made, you need to decide on the style of tap to be installed, whether you mount your tap to your wall, benchtop or directly onto your sink. You will need to advise your plumber, builder and cabinet maker at the beginning of the renovation or new build, as the services will need to be roughed in the correct position.

Each mounting option has its benefits. For example, wall mounted tapware saves on bench space and allows for easy cleaning. Whereas bench mounted tapware is seamless and visually appealing. Whilst sink-mounted tapware doesn’t seem as popular these days, one huge benefit is that they are generally easier and less expensive to install and replace.

The style of vanity that you chose may also restrict your tapware options. You need consider whether the manufacturer recommends wall mounted tapware (often when there are drawers) or if there is an allowance for bench mounted tapware within the vanity.

At RAW Sunshine Coast, our range of vanities generally allow for all options including wall mounted, bench and sink mounted tapware. As a standard, our vanities have a 50mm allowance at the rear of the drawers to allow for tapware as well as a 100mm concealed plumbing cavity below where your basin will be positioned. If you select a vanity with cupboard doors instead of drawers, then there’s more flexibility to where taps and waste can be located. Speak to your plumber and builder to ensure everyone is on the same page, as changing plumbing can be a costly mistake if not done right in the first place. As an added bonus, our bathroom vanities can also be custom designed to suit your exact needs.


Ergonomics is key too. Taps with levers, such as a single lever mixer, are easier to operate in comparison to taps with cross handles. This can be particularly relevant to children, the elderly and anyone with restricted hand movement. 


Imagine installing your dream bench mounted mixer only to realise that the spout doesn’t reach your basin? To avoid this, double check the manufacturers specs to ensure that your tapware is the right size for your chosen basin.


If caring for the environment is important to you, then we recommend that you consider the WELS rating of tapware before making your purchase. ​​​​​​The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme is designed to help you choose more water efficient products for your home or business. To find out more about the scheme, click here http://www.waterrating.gov.au/choose


When choosing tapware, it’s important to consider the style of your home. Does the shape, finish and colour fit with other fixings such as door handles within your home?

Modern or traditional

Modern tends to be more minimalist with clean lines and block colours, whilst traditional is more detailed with rounded edges.


Brass, gold, bronze, gunmetal, brushed nickel, chrome, copper, matte black, matte white and the list goes on. These days we are spoilt for choice, which can make it even more difficult to decide!

Trends come and go, so it’s important to select something that appeals to you. Our vanities are made from solid timber and/or stone, both natural materials, making it easy to pair with most tapware styles and finishes. At present, our design team is loving the timeless combination of oak, brushed gold and white.


In your planning, be mindful of any cabinetry or mirrors that are installed above. Ensure that any cabinetry or mirrors above don’t make turning the lever difficult.

Where to source tapware

For the best place on the Sunshine Coast to source tapware, we highly recommended the team at NCP Bathroom Centres. The staff know their stuff and they have a huge range to select from, from affordable to high end options. If you have visited our showroom, you may have noticed that each of our display vanities has been teamed with tapware and basins from NCP Bathroom Centres.


If your budget allows for it, we always recommend that you buy a quality reputable product. This doesn’t always mean more expensive. Well known, Australian brands often have better warranties and it makes sourcing spare parts easier.

With good planning and design, you should have no issues with any style of tapware that you chose.

*We only recommend using licensed tradespersons to install vanities, basins and tapware and manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.