How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers are a wonderful sustainable option for your home, workplace or wedding as they have an extended shelf life. Conditions in which dried flowers are stored in will determine their lifespan, but as a general guide, dried flowers can last many years.

Our top tips for keeping your dried flowers looking beautiful:

  1. Do not water!
  2. Handle with care as dried flowers are delicate
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight, wind and away for humidity

Over time, dried flowers and foliage will naturally fade in colour.

Preserved flowers and foliage are another option that we offer a RAW Sunshine Coast. They have undergone a process which replaces the sap with glycerine. Preserved flowers retain their supple touch and natural colour and last between 1-3 years (or longer in a sealed casing). Just like dried flowers, to care for these beautiful blooms, handle with care and keep out of direct sunlight, wind and away for humidity.

In comparison to fresh flowers which only last one-week, dried and preserved flowers are a wonderful sustainable option and with some simple care as outlined above, these beauties will last you years.

Shop our dried flower bar here or if you have more questions check out our dried flower information page here.

preserved off white date palm leaf flower