Furniture & Joinery Care Guide


Every piece at RAW Sunshine Coast is handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials and built to last. The timber utilised for your piece has potentially had 100 years to acclimatise to its surroundings. But no amount of acclimatisation or climate controlled drying will fully prepare the timber for our homes. We expect a lot from our furniture and rightly so. But if we want our timber furniture to perform to the best of its ability for years to come it must be well looked after. To enjoy the beauty of this product for many years, we recommend that you follow these few simple steps:

  • No chemicals should be used on the finished timber, nor should any abrasive products or cloths. Clean with a lightly sprayed water-based cleaning product. It is recommended that an OSMO maintenance kit be used to prevent deterioration.
  • There exist natural variations in wood, including knots, cracks, colour, and grain. These are unique to every tree and piece of timber, and therefore furniture. These should not be considered faults but serve to make each and every piece individual.
  • Only use furniture for its intended purpose.
  • Always lift your furniture when moving, as dragging it may damage the legs or joints.
  • Furniture should be dusted regularly with a clean, cotton cloth. Coasters and placemats should always be used under plates, cups, utensils, and glasses, regardless of whether they are hot or cold. When writing, it is best to use a mat to prevent dents.
  • Any spills should be wiped up immediately so as not to cause the finish to break down.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, heating/cooling vents, or fireplaces should also be avoided. These may damage or discolour the wood/finish.
  • Securely anchor any drawers, bookshelves, height charts etc. to a wall to prevent tip over accidents. Furniture anchoring systems / safety straps can be purchased from any hardware store
  • Handles, hinges and painted surfaces may chip or become scratched with use over time. Treat these areas with care and do not use any abrasive cleaning cloths or products on them.
  • Ensure that any salt build up on aluminium frames is removed with the occasional wipe with warm soapy water.
  • If necessary, the timber can be refinished with OSMO. If you wish for the finish to be redone, or for any stains, scratches, chips, or other damage to the repaired, contact RAW Sunshine Coast.

We trust you will enjoy this product for many years!