Timber Benchtops

We are excited to announce that we are now offering custom made solid timber benchtops direct to both the public and trades on the Sunshine Coast.

Whether you are looking for a timber kitchen benchtop or a timber bench for a bathroom vanity or office desktop, RAW Sunshine Coast offers the best quality solid timber benchtops on the Sunshine Coast.

At RAW Sunshine Coast, solid timber craft is our speciality. All our benchtops are manufactured in our Maroochydore workshop by our team of qualified and experienced furniture makers and joiners, who take great pride in creating quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our timber benchtops are crafted from select grade kiln dried timber and feature wide board laminations. The term ‘laminations’ refers to the joining of solid timber. This can include full lengths of timber edge-glued or multiple pieces edge and butt joined to make up a larger piece.

Our benchtops are proudly manufactured from full lengths of solid timber and our laminations are generally between 150mm and 200mm wide, unless otherwise specified. In comparison to other timber benchtop on the market, our laminations are often wider. Teamed with full lengths of timber, we believe a more sleek and sophisticated look is achieved over butt joined benchtops with narrow laminations.

Whether you are building a new home or undertaking a renovation, each kitchen and bathroom benchtop is custom made to your specific needs. We have a fabulous range of solid timber species to select from as well a choice of finishes. Our team of experts will guide you along the way or work with your builder, to ensure a simple, stress free process and a final product that you are thrilled with.

To make an appointment to discuss your very own custom made wooden bench top please call 0413 111 595 or drop into our display centre at 23 Kayleigh Drive, Maroochydore. Alternatively, if you already know what you want, click here fill out a benchtop order form or email us at custom@rawsunshinecoast.com.au for a free quote.

American Oak kitchen benchtop Gold Coast RAW Sunshine Coast
kitchen island timber bench table
solid oak timber kitchen bench top
country timber kitchen benches sunshine coast
Laundry timber benchtop mooloolaba 2 PAC


Solid timber has a beauty and warmth that just can’t be matched by any other material. Timber is an extremely versatile material and can be utilised in numerous residential and commercial spaces including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, desktops, floating shelves and stair treads to name a few. Timbers natural variations in grain, knots and colour makes each length of timber uniquely beautiful. The variety of species available allows you to set the mood of a space, such as selecting lighter timbers like American White Oak to create a modern Scandinavian interior.


Despite wood’s softness, it can actually last much longer than its sturdier counterparts. Some timber requires regular maintenance, but even the most neglected of benchtops can be brought back to life. Timber can be re-sanded and refinished at any time during its life to maintain the timbers natural beauty.

Every benchtop at RAW Sunshine Coast is crafted from select grade kiln dried timber. As timber is a natural material, it will continue to expand and contract with changes in humidity. Changes in timbers moisture content can be due to many factors including the climate (moisture in the air – dry or wet), air conditioning and appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and kettles. The timber will expand with increased air moisture and contract as it decreases. Movement across the grain can be up to 1mm per 100mm. This movement is quite normal and when correctly installed, this movement will not be noticeable.


We offer a range of timber species for you to select from. These timbers have been chosen by us for their durability and appearance.

American White Oak timber sample bench tops   Blackbutt timber sample bench tops   Spotted Gum Sample Timber Benchtop   walnut timber sample bench tops

*Timber samples shown above are a representation only. As timber is a natural material, some variations in the colour, grain and knots should be expected and appreciated. 


  • Standard thickness 32mm
  • Laminations 140 – 200mm wide


  • 3mm pencil round
  • 6mm pencil round
  • Bull nose
  • Other (prices may vary)


Every piece at RAW Sunshine Coast is handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials and built to last. The timber utilised for your piece has potentially had 100 years to acclimatise to its surroundings. But no amount of acclimatisation or climate controlled drying will fully prepare the timber for our homes.

We expect a lot from our furniture and rightly so. But if we want our timber furniture to perform to the best of its ability for years to come it must be well looked after. To enjoy the beauty of this product for many years, we recommend that you follow these few simple steps:

  • No chemicals should be used on the finished timber, nor should any abrasive products or cloths. Clean with a lightly sprayed water-based cleaning product. It is recommended that an OSMO maintenance kit be used to prevent deterioration.
  • There exist natural variations in wood, including knots, cracks, colour, and grain. These are unique to every tree and piece of timber, and therefore furniture. These should not be considered faults but serve to make each and every piece individual.
  • Only use furniture for its intended purpose.
  • Always lift your furniture when moving it, as dragging it may damage the legs or joints.
  • Furniture should be dusted regularly with a clean, cotton cloth. Coasters and placemats should always be used under plates, cups, utensils, and glasses, regardless of whether they are hot or cold. When writing, it is best to use a mat to prevent dents.
  • Any spills should be wiped up immediately so as not to cause the finish to break down.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, heating/cooling vents, or fireplaces should also be avoided. These may damage or discolour the wood/finish.
  • Securely anchor any drawers, bookshelves, height charts etc. to a wall to prevent tip over accidents. Furniture anchoring systems / safety straps can be purchased from any hardware store
  • Handles, hinges and painted surfaces may chip or become scratched with use over time. Treat these areas with care and do not use any abrasive cleaning cloths or products on them.
  • Ensure that any salt build up on aluminum frames is removed with the occasional wipe with warm soapy water.
  • If necessary, the timber can be refinished with OSMO. If you wish for the finish to be redone, or for any stains, scratches, chips, or other damage to the repaired, contact RAW Sunshine Coast.

We trust you will enjoy this product for many years!


At RAW Sunshine Coast, all products are made of the highest quality timbers and materials and are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure the longevity of all pieces, proper handling and maintenance is essential. Please refer to our Furniture Care Guide for more information.

Furniture and joinery should not be subjected to undue stress and only used for their intended purpose. For example, never stand or place heavy objects on furniture. Likewise, furniture should not be dragged or pulled, always lift as doing otherwise may damage the legs or joints. Damage to joints through misuse are not covered.

Unfortunately, the effects of the environment and any natural degradation that may occur are not covered by the warranty. Natural factors may lead to deterioration of the timber such as expansion, shrinking, or discolouration. Small splits and cracks may develop over time. These are a natural phenomenon of timber, not a fault, and add character to the pieces.

Damage to the surface of any product through normal wear and tear, misuse, improper positioning, the use of chemicals or abrasive products are not covered.

The warranty does not cover pieces installed by other companies. It is the installers responsibility to ensure correct fixings, waterproofing and adjustment of drawers and doors.

Unsealed surfaces and pieces, at the request of clients carry a limited warranty. Any surface damage, but not limited to water damage, timber movement, spills etc. is the responsibility of the client (timber needs to be correctly sealed).

Any flaws in the product, as well as any issues with the finished design, must be registered within 24 hours of the product being received. Contact RAW Sunshine Coast to resolve these.


We proudly use OSMO PolyX on all RAW Sunshine Coast timber products. This high-quality finish penetrates deep into the wood, forming a low-maintenance, protective barrier.

OSMO PolyX is a natural oil and wax finish and is available in a natural or semi matt finish. Developed from natural oils and waxes used in the industry for over a century, it penetrates deep into the wood and creates a protective barrier against moisture, abrasions, and scratches.

With this oil, all furniture becomes highly resistant to spills, dirt, dust, and minor damage, as well as liquids such as coffee and wine. However, it is recommended that spills be cleaned immediately.

No chemicals should be used on the finished timber, nor should any abrasive products or cloths as these will break down the finish. Clean with a lightly sprayed water-based cleaning product. It is recommended that an OSMO maintenance kit be used to prevent deterioration.

We also offer 2 PAC non-grain filled and grain filled options on request. Speak to our friendly staff for more information.