Aussie inspired living – create this look yourself

There’s something truly special about having meaningful items within your home, especially in today’s disposable society.

At RAW Sunshine Coast we firmly believe in buying once, by purchasing quality designed and made Australia furniture and interior décor. Not only are you supporting local makers, but you are investing in a piece that will have longevity, reducing waste and money in the long run.

Our most recent bedroom display proudly features products from Australian designers and makers. The bed and towel ladder are designed and crafted by us, in our Sunshine Coast furniture workshop. The bedding is from top Australian designers Losari and Lumiere Art and Co and the Koala artwork (very Aussie indeed) is from Australian brand Middle of Nowhere.

To achieve this Australian inspired bedroom look within your own home, we’ve listed the products below:

Inka Bed

Dani Towel Ladder

Losari Nyiama Cushion

Losari Mantra Cushion

Losari Kamala Cushion

Lumiere Art and Co Sibi Throw

Koala Portrait

Azores Baskets

Styling and Photography: RAW Sunshine Coast

Australian inspired bedroom - timber bed made by RAW Sunshine Coast