A Touch of Nature

Incorporating Natural Elements in your Modern Abode 

Being amongst nature can have a calming effect on our mind and body. It refreshes your mind and energises the body. But with our busy lifestyles, we often don’t get to spend ample time amongst nature. To compensate for this, there is an upward trend of bringing nature to us, by incorporating the elements of nature into our homes. The natural feel of these elements can give you a sense of peace and make you feel at one with nature.  

With the Earths fast diminishing resources, there is also growing awareness of the importance of making eco-friendly and sustainable choices when it comes to furnishing and decorating. We at RAW Sunshine Coast can help you enjoy the natural outdoor vibes inside your home, whilst remaining environmentally conscious by decorating your home interiors with décor made from natural, organic and sustainable materials and furniture that is built to last a lifetime. 

  • Natural wood and timber furniture

Timber furniture is an ideal choice to bring the calmness of the forests to your home. Wooden or timber furniture is highly durable and naturally beautiful and all of the timber we utilise is sustainably sourced. The natural woodgrain adds much needed warmth, elegance and texture to interiors. Timber can also be used in all aspects of joinery including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, cabinetry and shelving. 

At RAW Sunshine Coast, we offer the best quality solid timber joinery on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are looking to add a timber island bench to your kitchen or a timber vanity to your bathroom renovation, we are able to assist right from the design stage through to installation. We also specialise in custom made furniture and joinery, allowing you to get exactly what you’re after. Click here to find out more about our custom-made service.

  • Dried Flowers and Grasses 

Decorate your home with flowers and plants to generate the warm, tranquil feel of living amidst nature. But if you’re lacking a green thumb and caring for living plants sounds too hard, why not opt for dried flowers and grasses. Take your pick from ourbeautiful collection of dried flowers, wildflowers, grasses and artificial flowers to add that speck of colour and beauty to your rooms. Have a look at our latest dried flowers collection https://rawsunshinecoast.com.au/product-category/interior-decor/dried-flowers/

  • Natural Baskets

Woven natural baskets are really wonderful things. They are multipurpose, they can be used to place belongings to show off or just keep the room tidy by stacking the baskets. They work wonders as a decorative piece on your centre table or in the bathrooms. One can curate their own indoor nursery by hanging plants in varied baskets or placing small plant pots in beautiful baskets. They can be also used in the kid’s bedroom to place nappies, rattles, toys for easy access and to keep the room clean. Use them in your dressers for keeping your toiletries, jewellery and combs. They look wonderful on the dining table or in the kitchen to store fruits or vegetables. These natural baskets are extremely useful and beautiful at the same time. Check out our wide range of baskets for different rooms and purposes at https://rawsunshinecoast.com.au/product-category/interior-decor/baskets/.

sustainable bedding fabrics
Linen Fabric
  • Sustainable Fabrics 

If you’re looking for a sustainable bedding option, natural linen is a beautiful choice. True linen is made from flax, a wonderfully lustrous fibre that is many times stronger that cotton and kinder on our environment. Flax crops require very little fertilizers or pesticides and the natural strength of yarn produced from flax reduces the need for starching during the weaving process. In addition linen is famous for its antibacterial properties due to its reduced drying time.  Explore our beautiful collection of linen online now.  

So if you’re looking to add a little bit a of nature to your interiors, make sure you pay our showroom a visit and let our friendly team assist you. We have so many wonderful products for you to select from, that you’ll be feeling calm and at one with nature before you know it!