Let Us Help You Get a Good Nights Sleep!

Hands up if the state of your bedroom weighs heavily on your mind as you slip beneath the covers each night. Does your never ending ‘to do list’ include cleaning up the clothes sprawled across your bedroom floor, changing the sheets that have been on your bed for way too long or getting rid of that hideous piece of art above your bed?

I once read that having a clean bedroom results in a more peaceful sleep. And because sleep is important to me (trust me, no-one wants to be around me when I’ve been deprived of sleep), this information has always stuck with me.

To support this, I just did a quick google of some peer reviewed articles and can confirm that there is a tone of research to support that a clutter free sleeping environment in fact leads to better quality sleep.

An article published by The Medical Journal of Australia on the sleep habits of Australians, has reported that a whopping 20 – 35% of us experience frequent sleep difficulties. These disturbances, subsequently have negative effects on wellbeing, productivity and safety (Australian Medical Journal article).

Sleep is essential to our health, just like food and water. So what small things can we do to ensure a better nights sleep?

Thankfully, further research suggests that improving your sleeping environment can be one way to promote better quality sleep and duration (Australian Medical Journal article)

We spend most of our lives in our bedrooms, sleeping or at least attempting to, so we think the bedroom is a pretty important space. While we can’t treat insomnia, we can certainly assist you in creating a better sleeping environment.

Below are some of our hot tips to create a sanctuary for a better nights sleep:

  • Start fresh, with a full spring clean
  • De-clutter by throwing out or putting away any unnecessary items
  • Open up your bedroom windows during the day and let the clean air in
  • Rework your storage so everything has a place – Olli Ella’s neutra baskets make great washing baskets and will maintain a calm, neat aesthetic
  • Add colours and textures that you find calming – check out our instagram profile @rawsunsunshinecoast for bedroom styling inspiration
  • Select linen that feels good to snuggle amongst and change it regularly – Our range of Kip & Co linen is to die for
  • Set the mood with the right lighting – The Harley Timber Lamp is our hot favourite
  • Add soothing scents – Explore our range of candles
  • And put your phone and iPad away – out of sight, out of mind

Hopefully these simple tips to creating a better sleeping environment will have you enjoying more zzzzzzzz’s in no time.

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